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Fancy trying something different? A different kind of outdoor activity; a brand new game that makes it easy to socialise but also sneaks in a bit of exercise...

Think Pokemon Go meets Paintballing! Or Channel 4's Hunted meets Tag

You don't need to have been before or know anyone before joining. We have plenty of first timers and a few repeat offenders :)

Using your phone you covertly find locations, get close enough, and tag them.
But all the while you're being HUNTED by the other team!

Welcome to Hunt Force.

In more detail:

We split everyone into two teams; the hunters and the taggers.

As a tagger you will need to run to locations shown on your phone, tag them, and then get away.

As a hunter you will be hunting and tracking the taggers using your phone. And when you're close enough, you catch them!

At half time everyone switches sides, and the hunters become the hunted!

Afterwards we can all celebrate with a cheeky drink.

No event in your area? Please feel free to contact me as I'm always looking for other areas to run Hunt Force.

Hunt Force is a non-contact game. Tagging and catching is all done through your phone.

You do not need to be super fit to participate. Players can go at their own pace, although you should be prepared to do a combination of walking, jogging, and running.

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The Clapham / Wandsworth Hunt (Free)

Needs a location

The Clapham / Wandsworth Hunt (Free)

Needs a location

Beta the best you can

Needs a location

Launch Month

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