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Do you ever get the feeling that there are those who hold the best investment and business ideas in the darkness, so that their knowledge can be kept from the masses??!!! Well, perhaps and perhaps not.
Let us study what the successful elites do when investing and see if we can duplicate a small part their success.

The group is for people to share their ideas and chat about any knowledge that they think would be useful to members of the group.
The knowledge that the group members seek are those of alternative and conventional Investing strategies, preservation of wealth and business cash flow ideas.

The other big topic in the future will the coming global financial collapse and how to survive it.
Alternative or innovative business models and startup ideas are also welcome to be discussed.
We don't give advice but allow members of the group to discuss what they do or have learned, and how it may also be of benefit to others.
Lets us keep ahead of the curve of financial knowledge!!

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