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Ever find yourself viewing a camping video on You Tube? Love to watch survival shows or just go to REI to look at gear? If your wanting to learn how to camp or experienced and just want to connect then your at the right place. Our focus is 1 to 2 night camping trips with 7 - 9 miles of hiking per day. Trips are focused from OC to LA. Will be within Southern California such as Joshua Tree or The Bridge to Nowhere for example. We enjoy teaching, sharing knowledge about camping and the adventures that the outdoors provide. This is a 25 to 35's years of age group for anyone interested in hiking to camp. The group is focused on camping. You may join us for the hike and turnaround prior to camping if you wish. All skill levels are welcome.

This is not car camping. No minors: Meetup user agreement and our liability waiver cannot be agreed to by a minor. Therefore, you and your guest must be 18 years of age to participate in our events.


Participants should own and bring basics like camping backpack, hiking shoes (not sneakers!), lighter, light thermal jacket, gloves, toilet paper, sleeping bag rated for 20 -30 degrees (if not then wear thermals), headlamp, gloves, sleep pad/1 person air mattress, swim trunks sunglasses, bandanna, hat, sunscreen, spork, "Life Straw", hiking boots/shoes and 2-3 liter Camel Back to carry water and a 1 liter bottle of water, small light synthetic hand towel, wool beanie, sandals and emergency space blanket.


No one in the group is a guide or in any way responsible for your comfort or safety. Please be prepared with adequate gear and supplies for the trip. Going out into wilderness has inherent risks associated with it including but not limited to: falls, unstable footing, rocks, insects, snakes, heat, rain, snow, lightning, poisonous plants and you should be aware and prepared to address any changes in weather, trail conditions, road conditions and to look out for and avoid random acts of nature, including insects, wild animals and natural hazards.

It is your responsibility to evaluate the difficulty of any activity you participate in and decide whether you are prepared by having the experience, skill, knowledge, equipment, and the physical and emotional stamina to safely participate.

Travel may be part of an activity. You assume all responsibility for any accident whether you are driving or carpooling with another member.

MANDATORY that each member maintain a current, recognizable face picture as the MAIN profile picture for search and rescue purposes. Deleting the photo once approved will be cause for removal from the group. Upon attending your first event please chip in a one time fee of $5 for page site plus the cost for the meetup. Thanks! ;}

Our membership does consist of Married Couples, Committed Couples and Singles. Our group thrives on the diversity of its members. If you are looking for hiking friends, this is a good group for you. If you are looking for a singles group, please look elsewhere.

No drugs: Zero tolerance for any illegal drug use.


IMPORTANT: Be aware that many of the activities that this group will be involved in are inherently dangerous. There are countless occurrences of serious injuries, and even death that are associated with hiking/backpacking and other outdoor activities, by requesting membership in this group you and your family assume full responsibility for yourself and your actions and agree not to file any civil actions against the group, the organizers or its members.

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