Canceled Meetup

Joshua Trees are blooming!


Lets head out to Joshua Tree NP to photograph.

Wildflower Update:

No one knows why all the Joshua Trees are blooming everywhere but it has been called a "once in a lifetime" event. NOTE: The Joshua Trees are no longer blooming!

This is not a workshop per-se but rather just a bunch of photographers shooting together.

We will meet in Huntington Beach and carpool out together. We will share the gas expense. In addition to myself, I will need a few other volunteers to drive. If that is not convenient we will meet you at 10AM at the Joshua Tree visitor center in Twentynine Palms.

This Meetup is FREE.

PLEASE do not RSVP unless you intend on going. The last time I tried a free event I had 20 signups (the maximum) and turned away many others and only ONE person showed up! I will warn you that if you do this I will immediately remove you from our group. This is right after my birthday (May 3rd) so I will be especially pissed at no shows! :-)

Also, there is no reason to respond "not going" to any of these announcements.

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