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Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Level 2 Class Okuden

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This class will be a combination of Traditional Japanese and western Reiki.

Traditional Japanese Okuden level ll

(Japanese: Hidden or Inner Teachings)

Okuden is where students learn three mantras and three

symbols that aid in focusing the energy. At this level you

discover your hidden inner qualities such as your Earth,

Heaven and Heart energy. There is the opportunity to

develop a professional treatment practice from these


Okuden Zenki and Koeki Techniques

In Japan, Okuden has two stages within it. Zenki is the

first stage and Koeki the second. The techniques in this

Section reflect the techniques taught at both stages.

A class manual written by world renowned reiki experts and authors Frans and Bronwen Stiene ( founders of The International House of Reiki )will be available ($8)

A free Okuden level ll certificate will be given at end of class.

A. Hatsurei Ho

Methods for generating greater amounts of spiritual energy

Kenyoku Ho

Joshin Kokyu Ho

Seishin Toitsu

Seiza (Japanese: to sit still)

B. ENKAKU CHIRYO HO (Remote Healing)

C. BYOSEN REIKAN HO (Sensing Imbalances)

D. REIJI HO (A method of being guided by spirit)

Symbols and Mantras

Learn the original use and meaning of symbols.

Learn how to chant mantras. (Very energizing and cleansing)

Symbol 1 Focus

Symbol 2 Harmony

Symbol 3 Connection

We'll also discuss some Western Reiki Techniques

Western meaning of symbols and use

· The emotional/mental symbol

· Distant healing symbol

Western Reiki Level 2 Techniques

· Distance Healing (send Reiki to another person)

· Healing the Past and the Future (send Reiki to yourself to heal your past, present and future)

· Group Distance Healing

· Heal bad habits and addictions (for yourself or others)

· Empower affirmations and goals

· Cut Cords

· Blood exchange




Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a bottle of water, a pencil and notepad to take notes.


Each second Degree Reiki class usually lasts around 5 hours, but this can vary. All students of Reiki are warmly invited to continue to build upon what they have learnt by attending reiki workshops which are held regularly.



The cost of a second Degree Reiki 2 Class elsewhere is around $200 to $400.The usual donation at Huntington Beach Reiki is between $80-$250 You are welcome to leave a donation that is comfortable for you. Donations will be shared with cancer support charities.