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Guided Imagery and Healing: Journey to Receive Healing

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Journey to Receive Healing. Whatever you need healing with (spiritual, body or mind), this guided imagery journey will help you receive the healing that is meaning for you. Come join us for a night of healing, love and light.

"It was beautiful. Lots of light, love and healing." -Participant

"Well worth time and money." -Participant

What is Guided Imagery? Each person has the answers/knowledge within her/him. The purpose of Guided Imagery is to facilitate one to go within one's own subconscious mind and access the information needed for one's healing and forward movement. Each person's journey/experience is different and unique to what she/he needs.

What is the class structure? Each class begins with a cool guided imagery journey. After the imagery journey, there will be an opportunity to share your experience and learn from each other. Participation is optional. Then we'll end the class with a quiet meditation to receive energy healing. You'll leave the class feeling lighter (and perhaps a little more enlightened).

This is also a good opportunity to meet and network with other kindred spirits and make new friends.

Admission Fee: $10

Everyone is welcome to attend. The room can only seat 20 people. Please RSVP to save your seat.

Optional Thing to Bring:

· Notepad and pen to write down your vision and insights

This class is led by Mee Vaj, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master and founder of Myoho Wellness in Long Beach. She is certified in Therapeutic Imagery Master. Using Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Imagery, she has helped many clients achieve more success and happiness in their life. She facilitates a monthly Guided Imagery & Healing class with the intention to help more people achieve more success and happiness in their life. Mee has also been gifted with the ability channel loving and healing energy to everyone in the room. Every participant will receive healing energy if she/he is open to receiving. "I love the whole guided imagery concept and it's purpose and process." -Participant

"You are a great guide. It was a very vivid experience and I always have trouble seeing, so thank you so much." -Patricia

"As always, Mee is a gifted presenter. She makes learning fun." -Susie

"Feeling blessed to have this experience. Looking forward to the next. Thank you so much." -Participant

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