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Inspirational Speaking with The Soul Speaker, Darlene Marie

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Inspirational Speaking with


Join Darlene Marie every Tuesday evening as she addresses different topics to help you shift your perspective in seemingly ordinary day-to-day interactions. Following her talk, she will open up the forum for specific questions from the group. Come be inspired and leave with a new understanding of the power you have to change whatever is challenging you in your life. Darlene Marie passionately believes that life is supposed to be simple, fun and joyful.

*Listen to weekly topics focusing on releasing fear, guilt, stress, anger and pain

*Ask specific questions for guidance in your personal situations

*Be inspired with a new awareness of your power within

*Learn how to direct your thoughts to manifest the life you desire

*Raise your consciousness and find the peaceful, joyful life you deserve

Darlene Marie is a full-time inspirational speaker, intuitive coach, psychic medium and energy healer living in Huntington Beach. She feels called to share her God-given gifts and bring healing to others. She is so excited to provide a supportive space for soul growth! She also wants to extend a huge thank you to Kerri Draper for partnering with her for these events!

COST $20 at the door!


Darlene has truly been a gift in my life and I learn a little bit more about myself and who I want to be and where I want to be going in life, every time I go. I have attended Darlene’s group classes, as well as, had private sessions with her. In all that Darlene does, when giving guidance, it comes from her soul and speaks to mine. If you have questions about your life now, what might be best for you in the future or have things that you’re still carrying around with you, from your past, I would highly recommend attending. Thank you Darlene, for being the warm, bright, beautiful, giving soul you are!




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Sample of an inspiration:

Sometimes we need to be reintroduced to ourselves. We can get caught up in the illusion of who society tells us we are. Remember and reconnect with your true essence. You are that sweet soul that was born into this world without judgement of anyone, including yourself. You smiled at strangers. Your needs were met and you didn't have to stress over them. You asked (well maybe cried) for what you needed. Your heart was pure love as you had not yet been taught to hate. Still to this day, that soul is who you are. Sometimes we just forget.

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