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What we’re about

This meetup is dedicated to Alabama's oldest Paranormal & Spirituality based Group for people interested in Spiritual Enlightenment or anything involving Paranormal activity/study. We were formerly known as the Parapsychology Study Group created by Dr. Joe H. Slate PhD. in the 1970's with many of the same core members still actively involved today.


(Dr. Slate is still involved with our group and has authored/co-authored over 24+ books relating to Reincarnation, Psychic Empowerment, Past Lives, Health and Fitness, Rejuvenation, Pain Management, Astral Projection, and the Human Aura, all which can be purchased at the Llewellyn Website )

Paranormal is a general term that describes unusual experiences that lack a scientific explanation, or phenomena alleged to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure. We feel that a most paranormal experiences can be the subject of intense interest and enlightenment when coupled with researchers and experts in their relative field of study.

Although it cannot be explained there is a huge fascination by the public, which has resulted in numerous reality based shows and investigations leading to thousands of case studies each year.

The Paranormal Study Center conducts Shows, Lectures, and Seminars that allow the general public to view and experience the various phenomena and evidence of Spiritual gifts through an educational format . Our goal is not to frighten, convince, or convert people to believe in the Paranormal, but mainly to present educational lectures & presentations by leading experts & researchers from across the US.

We simply want to share our experience, our information, and provide a safe place for people to explore a one of a kind opportunity to participate in unique presentations, exhibits and courses which will truly be informative and fun.. .

As part of this group, you will meet people who are working on their spiritual improvement, and you will learn about spirituality and what is life about in a positive, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

We will explore areas related to spiritual growth, such as learning the components of spirituality, understanding the mind, reaching one's full potential, seek methods for gaining enlightenment, how to be happy, improving love and higher communication in relationships, overcoming barriers to one's goals, and becoming the master of one's own fate. We strive to understand the Paranormal through a higher vibration of learning and self-empowerment.