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Hi all! Tired of feeling alienated in social situations because you don't eat meat? Ever felt like you were the only one among your friends and family to eat and think differently? Do you care about how our industrial food system not only impacts our health negatively but our environment? Do you have concerns about the ethical treatment of animals? Does entertaining a plant based lifestyle sound appealing to you but you just don't know how to get started? Then Huntsville Plant-Based Living Discussion Group might be the right place for you! The goal of this meet up is to give nonjudgemental and positive support to anyone who is living or is interested in living a plant based lifestyle! We have just changed the group's leadership and are sorting out our meeting schedule. No matter where you are on your path or are just interested in the plant based living, you are welcome! Locations will vary. Sometimes we meet in open cafeteria spaces with healthy options for all such as Whole Foods or Earth Fare. Other times we have had potlucks in private homes. Join us for healthy food, plant-based support and new friends!!

Topics have/will include:

Vegan/Vegetarian Nutrition, Connections between diet and diseases. Being vegan and an athlete, Vegetarian resources i.e.. Podcasts blogs, books, movies...,Being plant based in Social situations: What to eat around friends and family?, Transitioning to veganisam: How to do it?, How living a plant based lifestyle falls inline with your own personal values related to animal and environmental cruelty, Organic produce who can afford it and is it worth it? Eating whole and clean, Vegetarian transition foods, Raw vegan so much chopping!!

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