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Let's get right down to it. Huntsville is lacking in it's networking events and capability. The well established groups are either underground and hidden or have ridiculous requirements. We aim to overcome that by having a regular gathering of people from all parts of business - from the established CEO and entrepreneur many times over, to someone thinking about starting their own company or working for themselves! In addition to no fee, we will be pushing for events for both general meet-and-greets as well as having presentations from guest-speakers who have specific insight into starting and running a business!

You should join this group if you are a small business owner and any of the following:

A. You're looking to network.

B. You're looking for help/ advice

C. You're looking for a place to hide from your spouse :)

Feel free to reach out to the group owner, Brandon Kruse (brandon@bkruse.com or http://hsvinitiative.com)

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Will This Fly? Pitch competition!

Stone Center

Free Co-Working and Happy Hour!


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