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Arkham Horror (cooperative)

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This is a cooperative game in which you take the role of the various characters from the 20s and seek to save the town (and the world) from Ancient Evil, which is seeking to break through to our world. Basically you run around the town, visiting the town locations to gather up goodies, beat up monsters, and seal up the gates to other dimensions. Things are usually pretty desperate and the ambience of horror tends to be fun. The game mechanics are a little complicated but it's pretty straightforward once you pick it up (and since it's cooperative, your fellow players will be trying to help you out).


Having finally made my sanity roll, if we have more seven players, we'll split it up into two tables (since Rohit has lent us his copy). Ideal would be 4-6 players per table. Eight is just too many. :P

I'd be happy to open up a third table if someone can commit to bringing another copy.

Including explanations for new players, I expect this to take about 5-6 hours.


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