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Apache Druid is a high performance, real-time analytics datastore. It was created to allow consistently fast, multidimensional ad-hoc drill-down type querying for large quantities of data.

The Hyderabad Apache Druid Meetup by Imply is dedicated to bringing together users and developers of Druid to exchange knowledge, insight, and spur the adoption of Druid for innovative research and commercial applications.

Your participation is most welcome! If you would like to speak at one of our meetups please email meetups@imply.io.

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Apache Druid Virtual Meetup Featuring Avesta Technologies

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Live from India! Join us for 2 wonderful Druid talks. Agenda: Talk #1: Dharam Gajera, Data Engineer at Avesta Technologies Abstract: At the core of Avesta's analytics solutions is Druid. In this talk, we will walk through our use case of ClickStream data analysis for a real estate company and how we managed to build a highly reliable Druid cluster with as little infra as possible. Additionally, how Druid is taking care of our reporting and dashboarding needs. We will also discuss our plans in extending Druid for other use cases. Bio: Dharam works as a Data Engineer at Avesta Technologies (http://www.avestatechnologies.com/), where he takes care of all the Data Analytics and Machine Learning related requirements. Avesta Technologies specializes in providing end-to-end consulting and development services to build, manage and monitor cloud native applications. Dharam manages everything, starting with gathering requirements, development, infra setup, and deployment to maintenance. He is accompanied by the best of minds. Talk #2: Vijay Narayanan, Senior Field Engineer at Imply Abstract: Apache Druid can revolutionise business decision-making with a view of the freshest of fresh data in web, mobile, desktop, and data science notebooks. In this talk, we look at key activities to integrate into Apache Druid POCs, discussing common hurdles and signposting to important information. Bio: Vijay is a field engineer with over 20 years of experience in Data Integration and Analytics. Vijay has worked with customers across India and APAC and helped them to take different data Integration and analytics products into production. Vijay is focused on helping Imply customers take druid into production on-premises, on Kubernetes or on the cloud.

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November Apache Druid Office Hours: EMEA + APAC Edition

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