What we're about

'The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, But in how it thinks.'
- Christopher Hitchens

Do you like teaching, learning, discussing any practical subject, then I suppose you also like it when others have similar qualities of creating awareness. This is an invitation to all those sensible minds, who want to enlighten people or to get enlightened. I need you all to argue, perceive and preach your opinion which will turn today's man into tomorrow's 'Maverick'.

Use this as your soapbox to stimulate them with the salience of your culture, ideology and challenge others theories.

In simple terms, I am trying to unite those guys & girls with qualities like Skepticism, Rationality, Pragmatical kind to disseminate and debate about the right & rational information which illuminates people in an appropriate way. So, I seek the presence of all those Mavericks out there to find the right company and share their intellect on our society.I am looking forward for those plausible discussions with you all.

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Coffee Cup

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