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We, Hyderabad Data Science Professionals(HYDSP) is group of passionate and enthusiastic professionals dedicated to data science, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and related technologies. We encourage all people in this group to leverage on peer-to-peer learning, collaboration to work on real data sets and share latest trends in Data science. We also welcome all enthusiastic people who wish to learn Data Science and make their hands dirty by solving some real problems.

HYDSP Group Objective(s):
- Share Data Science knowledge among ourselves
- Network with fellow Data Science professionals/Enthusiastic people
- Solve real time datasets as a group
- Educate student community to guide them in a right direction in this fast growing field of Data Science.

Data Science is having a huge impact on various industries including:

-Banking and insurance
-Consumer goods and services
-Smart Cities

We will share more data through this forum and also organise connect sessions online(preferably), so that people can join without wasting their time for travel.

- Share any trends and updates related to Data Science(Data Science, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc.,) and info related tools & tech.(Anaconda, Spark etc.,)
- Post any specific question in this forum, so that, fellow data scientists/professionals will try to answer
- If you want to present your learnings or any previous project experience on realtime dataset, message to organiser(s), so that they would get it touch and schedule your session accordingly(if it is relevant and useful to this group)
- If you want to be a volunteer as part of this initiative, please reach out to organiser(s)

- Don’t post any marketing material / service information/ Job postings/ unrelated info in this group. Organiser(s) can remove such people from this forum without any notice.
- Don't post any funny or religious messages

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