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It is very sad to see 18 cities/town/villages of India made to top polluted cities in the world. In India, transportation sector emits an estimated 261 tonnes of CO2, of which 94.5% is contributed by road transport. The transport sector in India consumes about 17% of total energy and responsible for a 60% production of the greenhouse gases from various activities. The pollution from vehicles is due to discharge like CO, unburnt HC, Pb, NO2 and SO2 and SPM mainly from tailpipes (Dayal, 2011). Vehicles in major metropolitan cities are estimated to account for 70% of CO, 50% of HC, 30- 40% of NOx, 30% of SPM and 10% of SO2 of the total pollution load. Exposure to air pollution can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, which is estimated to be the cause for 25,00,000 early deaths in 2017 (The Lancet commission on pollution), and the health cost of air pollution in India has been assessed at 3-4 per cent of its GDP (source open government data, India).

Electric vehicle will definitely solve the problem by reducing the emission. We also need to decongest the road by reducing vehicular footprint. Giving up petrol and diesel will not only reduce pollution and decongest the roads but also make country richer by 5 lakh 65 thousand crores that we spend every year to import crude oil can't this money be used for benefit of poor that contribute 22% of our economy.

There are several types of Electric vehicles but nimbleness of Electric unicycle makes it ideal for urban transportation, smaller footprint of 1FTx.5FT. It is light enough to be carried in public transport, one can carry it inside house/restaurant/office to get it charged rather than asking government to provide charging facilities. Electric unicycle is more efficient than any other form of EV providing better mileage and speed. It is cheapest Tesla one can buy and offroading is just awesome.

Only downside is that it has a bit of learning curve.

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