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Hi Folks,

- Tangled Up! is out on Google Play Store - We are proud to announce its feature on Google Play Store Home Page under "New+Updated Games Category".

You can download the game here for Android


- Tangled Up! is out on Apple App Store, and it doesn't stop there - It is now featured in 98 countries.

We are extremely proud to share this moment with our clan of gamers - Tangled Up! now is also featured in USA totaling its feature in INDIA, CHINA , USA & RUSSIA and others.

You can download the game here for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1021496959

On request : We are sharing our official Teaser & Game play video here:

Tangled Up! Teaser : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOTt9wf9bfM

Tangled Up! Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiXOCHmI37E

Please do not forget that, Tangled Up! has been worked around this community and we once again remember all our members who have contributed towards this successful launch.

"We are always open for a quick meet up with our players, we love interacting with you - anytime round the week" @ our work place or a place of your comfort - This meet up will now be formally attended by the members (Gamers) at their will "until we come up with our new game for an open end testing among our members". - Meanwhile, please keep counting on US.

I must remind you that, "Hyderabad Gamers Guild" is the first private community of gamers (Focus Group) established and run by 2Pi Interactive focusing on players needs. "We work with our players".- Players always comes First.

Once again i would like to express my gratitude towards each player on this community. We have learned a lot from this wonderful clan of game diggers - With all grace 2Pi thank each and every member of this group who made this launch possible.

Our Activities & their Results :


- We have received enough attention from the players and bagged few reviews resulting in a great game through you. We are indebted to all our gamers' of this community who have been joining us in testing the game for all these days - it brings our team a great pleasure to share the moments of the entire journey while interacting with the players (Gamers') and have taken every opportunity to listen to your feedback.

- All the feedback that has been collected are maintained and timely recorded. We will have more such sessions in the near future and it would be great to sit and work with you, also for you :).

Please do not forget to text in your opinions and views on the game, will handle every gamer in person with all respect for their reviews.

In the News:

2Pi Interactive has launched Tangled Up! on Steam for Windows. We are planning for a launch on Linux & MAC OS's - Will update you soon.

2Pi Interactive has joined hands with Big Fish Games in publishing Tangled Up! for PC - in more than 3 languages.

Moment of Pride:

- Tangled Up! has been nominated for "Best PC & Console Game" (India) for this years FICCI FRAMES BAF AWARDS.

- Tangled Up! has been nominated for Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect @ San Francisco during its July 2016 event.

This wouldn't have been possible without your support throughout the meet ups. It gives us an immense pleasure to share this cheerful moment with you all.

We have been working and always work with our players - Lets" Play the World" together..

See you around.

Thank you.