What we're about

Hi All,

This group has been created for a social cause and it will cover majorly professionals from accounts and finance professional with a emphasis on those who are working at distant locations away from home who can be from any profession. The very purpose is to provide a conducive learn and fun environment to them. As we work for almost 5 days in a week or someone 6 days and after those tired days we need people all around us whom we can spent our leisure time and which relaxes our whole week and provide them enthuse to work away from home without feeling homesick. But this get together will not be only for meeting having gossips but with this meet up we will be sharing our knowledge with each other , creating network, forwarding helping hands to each other whenever needed and it will be a open group for all male females, anyone.

Benefits :

a. Knowledge sharing emphasis on accounts and finance, but can be anything adhoc

b. Networking and knowing each other

c. Providing a feel to people from other cities that we are there for you

d. Opportunity to realize utmost satisfaction by making others feel happy

e. Opportunity for doing something great which majority of us never do ourselves

f. and lots others ...which let us built in instead of talking ....

We believe this group might take a shape of reform and all people who leave their cities and work outside will never feel lonely provided we can make it..as per its object. We have more bigger plans which might give us a big place but let us start small with positive approach and way forward

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Introductory meet up

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