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There is a new paradigm for this group from October 30, 2013.

As a group we plan to organize meetups in various occult domains for understanding, experiential validating, promoting and if possible documenting the practice of occult sciences.

The domain list includes:
Face-reading, Numerology, Pronology, Astrology, Palmistry, Dream Analysis, Mole Reading, Crystal Gazing, Dowsing, Reiki, Ouija, Telepathy, Graphology, Tarot, Naadi, Yoga, Meditation, etc.

There are others...unpleasant ones...like validating spirit-possessions, exorcism, ghost hunting too...not very hot or sough after topics...feared but still open for validation. So in public interest we may not broach on these.

Occult Sciences as a practice are very intense, highly intellectual, made of serious stuff, extremely speculative, undeniably-equally awesome and very very fun too.

The awesomeness and fun part comes in with the reality of their application ... all known technological, clinical and humanities sciences are similar too.

Knowledge Sciences for hundreds of years have been practiced in secrecy. If not for Wizards like Aryabhatta and Copernicus who would make their secret findings public, humanity would not have made great progress. Some of these knowledge sciences are now main-stream technological, clinical and astronomical sciences. Many are yet to be properly/completely validated for their practicality/applicability, theorized/corollarized and converted to a standardized syllabus. As civilized as we are...keep our minds open to all possibilities knowing that any knowledge is progressive and applicable at any point of time from the present.

Remember, no human knowledge/science is perfect. Perfection is a matter of evolution...at least so far evolution seems to be continual....

There would be other meet-up groups for you to make friends and socialize.

This meetup group for us would be to interact to understand friendly occult sciences and share our experiences with the members of this meetup group.

You will also have the scope to interact with practitioners who you believe can help you answer any research questions or resolve your personal situations. But, such a personal interaction between the practitioner and the seeker has no liability on this meetup group what so ever may be the outcome. However the organizers reserve the right to question and elicit answers of these interactions between the practitioner and the seeker.

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