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Skill development via networking online

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This meetup designed for graduates and individuals who would like to enter the corporate world.

The main purpose of this event is to create bridge between corporates and graduates. If you are not aware of the big players in Indian e-commerce space and the challenges they face to become profitable then this meetup will help understand that and improve your skill set to explore more domestic and international opportunities.

Here is the Gap...

If you see last financial year reports (profits/losses) of e-commerce companies in India like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc, you will be surprised.

Snapdeal losses - Rs 2,960 crore [masked]), Flipkart's losses Rs 5,223 crore and Amazon loses Rs 3,571 crore despite huge branding and millions of users visiting them every single day. They are unable to make profits because of the fact their marketing budgets are too high and they don't have any smart plan to engage users and sell them online and go viral naturally, it is true for all of them. You might have seen some non-profit organizations and their donation stories go viral some times.

On the other hand, LatestOne (, mobile and tech accessories like (mobile covers, smart watches) e-commerce firm reported break even on direct cost and running to become profitable soon, because their marketing is smarter than the above players. And many e-commerce players in India, realizing this fact and working on creative ways to engage their audience. Here comes the challenge, one of my friend who works at LatestOne told me they had tough time to find right people in the creative space like creating engaging video campaigns, social campaigns, etc something like charities create fundraising campaigns in different ways.

So, the conclusion is coporates' expected skilled people are rarely found in the market and graduates and individuals never bother to become corporate ready.

With the help of this event we are trying to fill this gap and spread the awareness on skills.


1. Introduction to corporate world (domestic and international)

2. The skill set gap between companies and graduates

3. Introduction to online networking and groups

4. How networking and internet can help you to boost your career

5. Growth rate in IT / ITES and other categories

6. Know your skill level and desired skill level

7. How to find right people and learn free online


1. M azaharuddin - B.Tech (CSE)

2. Haseeb - M. Tech (IT)

Background stories:

For Developing countries like India, Education, Skills and Knowledge are the key factors for Economic growth of the country or social development. It is not easy to change the education system on the go.

In today’s world any one can sustain anywhere if he utilize resources and technologies with better skills. We are living in the era of globalization so our young generations demand mobility and soft skills. Lacking of it (inadequate skills) results severe economic crisis and impacts new generation wages and their living. We have many success stories ( of charities in california, US, who have smartly implemented fundraising campaigns to raise money for their cause, like this ( some of these charities even allow car donation, or any old or unused vehicle donations to raise money in return they will provide a tax benefit to the donors.