XBOM (eXtensible Blockchain Object Model) on Hyperledger

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Join David Beberman, Chief Technology Officer and Architect of XBOM as he walks through how XBOM can change the scope of projects developed on HyperLedger and how they can be written using our Class Management Infrastructure. This session will cover our newest XBOM update demonstrating XBOM on HLF show how accounts and code will be stored and inherited directly from the Accounts running on HyperLedger.

David will discuss some of the ways an Object Oriented Operating System changes the development environment and how projects can be designed and architected on HyperLedger Fabric. David will field questions from those developers who would have registered on XBOM.io to have access to our GetLab XBOM code repository or would like to begin exploring our XBOM testbed development environment.

We’re going to offer both XBOM / Prasaga T-Shirts for the 1st 10 questions and 5 of our Limited Edition Prasaga Tokens for the 5 best questions of the session.