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This is a group for anyone wanting to learn, practice, and develop skills as a hypnotist. We will be learning hypnosis theory and practicing the skills. The only way to get good at it, like anything else, is practice. Hypnosis is a skill that can be used in many contexts, and this group will focus on learning and practicing hypnosis in all of it's forms. I hope this group will become a place for us to learn off of one another, and develop our skills. It's a lot of fun, and can improve your life in many ways. So if you have an interest in hypnosis, would like to learn more, and have people available to learn and practice with, then join the group now.

Hypnosis is a tool and a powerful one. There are many ways it can be applied, and people from different backgrounds learn this tool for many reasons. We have people from different backgrounds in this group, and to respect all members of the group, we focus only on the art and science of this powerful tool, and leave how it is applied up to each individual member.

Each group we'll have a specific focus of things to be learning and practicing, and there is a lot to learn in this field. All members will be asked to participate. Hope to practice with you in the near future.

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