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This meetup is for writers, filmmakers, fine artists, and entrepreneurs who want to master practical techniques for using their subconscious minds more effectively while also learning new methods for communicating ideas, information, and emotions to collaborators, clients, and audiences.

There are whole branches of psychological study, by brilliant people who invested their whole lives in making important discoveries, and most of us haven't been exposed to any of their thinking. NLP, Transactional Analysis, Myers Briggs / Jung personality, Erickson hypnosis, Lakoff Cognitive Linguistics, etc...

I think for writers, screenwriters, filmmakers and entrepreneurs, hearing about their work is incredibly transformative . . . because these folks studied communication at both a cognitive and biological level. Their work has changed billions of lives over many decades.

I really enjoy doing these sessions. At each meeting I work hard to make sure members learn skills they can put to immediate use in their creative and professional work. I make sure that people have what they need to dive deeper into the work of any of these scientist, doctors and researchers.

I think this is a great group for people who enjoy meeting with, and learning with, intelligent, open minded, insightful and effective people two to four times a month online or face to face. The people who come to these events are amazing . . .

Past events (60)

Swiftly Changing Your State of Mind So You Can Work (Online Workshop)

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Conjuring Your Creative Story Muse led by Dr. Skyler Fontana (3hr Workshop)

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Applied Hypnosis Workshop for Film / TV Pros by Neuroscientist Dr. Mark Gasson

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Hypnosis Practice & Discussion (featuring LEADING UK SCIENTIST MARK GASSON)

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