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If you are curious to find out more about any of above modalities, experience them or start your "Emotional Healing Journey" this group is for you. In this group I'll accept only younger people (18-30), preferably students or international ESL students who are really ready and serious about their healing and empowerment.

In this group we will practice:
• Accessing Subconscious Mind,
• Positivity,
• Flexibility,
• Acceptance,
• Forgiveness,
• Laughter,
and anything else that will help us to be happier and more fulfilled human being.

I'll be your coach and teacher on your healing journey.

If you are curious to find out about my Healing Journey, Meditation and Me go to:

I'm also organizer of the biggest meditation-healing group in Toronto and all Canada with over 2777 members.
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Dan Jankovich, BSc, CHt.
Regressionist, Emotional Healer, Stress Expert

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