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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Belfast and Northern Ireland - Exploratory Group.

Whether you are a Hypnotist Belfast and Northern Ireland, have been practicing Hypnosis, NLP or Hypnotherapy with others or practice self hypnosis or you are merely interested in hypnotism - you are welcome to this group.

This group is for the hypnotically curious. What is Hypnosis? How does one become a hypnotist? What can Hypnosis do for me? What's the difference between NLP and hypnosis? Can you make my spouse do the dishes? (No)

We have decided to reach out to the community and start this exploratory group for all Northern Ireland based open minded explorers like you who would like to really discover the power of your unconscious.

Maybe you are around and wish to explore hypnosis in Belfast for a change :).

We'll meet once or more a month to exchange our views mutually benefit from these meetings. Looking forward to exploring the community and our minds through hypnosis.

All of these questions can be answered and more. Hypnotists, Amateurs and Professionals alike are welcome to present and introduce themselves. Anyone is welcome to come and as always, its completely informal! There is no pressure to do anything other then have a good time! Come to our next hypnosis meetup in Belfast Northern Ireland.

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