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Greetings everyone, welcome to the Hypnotherapy of The Sun's meet-up group.

This group is all about learning and utilizing the natural mental process of hypnosis to cause your own change, transformation, healing, and empowerment to one's mind.

There will also be classes on complimenting subjects, ranging from classes on meditation and spirit along with healthy eating and body.

Overall, this group is a chance to understand how to take charge of your whole being, utilizing your natural mental process of hypnosis, tapping into your spiritual existence through meditation, and sustaining your body with healthy foods.

So this is a group dedicated to learning all about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, while learning all of what orbits around our natural mental process of hypnosis.

What good would it do to learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy without learning how to be connected to your spirit and your body in a healthy way?

Mind, spirit, and body are one so it will do no one any good to take care of your mind with hypnosis and neglect your spirit and body design.

So come on over and learn all that you can while allowing yourself to become the change, transformation, healing, and empowerment that you want for yourself and your life.

I promise you the chance to take more charge of your whole being while having the most fun doing so!

Come on over! I look forward to meeting you there :).

---Farzin Mofidi C. Ht. (Head of Hypnotherapy of The Sun).


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ZOOM Introduction to Hypnosis & Mind - Basics & History of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

Greetings everyone, I introduce to you here the first of five classes for our INTRODUCTION TO HYPNOSIS class series VIA ZOOM.

This class is titled "Basics & History of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy." Here I will introduce you to the building blocks of hypnosis/hypnotherapy as well as how and where hypnosis/hypnotherapy began.

Taking this class will bring clarity to what hypnosis is all about and how hypnosis can benefit you and your life.

At the end, we may engage in an exercise in hypnosis so you may begin EXPERIENCING hypnosis first-hand.

Classes to follow will introduce more in-depth knowledge on how hypnosis affects every level of your being and mind as well as well as how belief and faith fuels the transformative power of hypnosis.

Lastly we'll get into the powers that lie beyond hypnosis and the mind.

Each class is $10 for attending. We can take care of the payment via PayPal, Venmo, or any other money transfer apps.

Please be on time, bring something to take notes if you like, and also bring a pillow for the hypnosis exercise at the end.

I look forward to meeting you all who wish to learn about the basics & history of hypnosis/hypnotherapy.

This will a very educational and fun class so do bring a guest to share in this great knowledge and experience of hypnosis!

---Farzin Mofidi C. Ht.

PS: If you are looking to take on hypnotherapy for yourself, you may open this conversation with me anytime.

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Introduction to Hypnosis & Mind - Levels of Being

San José State University


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