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Venus: your astrological guide to love!

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Venus: your astrological guide to LOVE!

Tuesday April 16th @ 6:30

In Astrology, we honor Venus as the Goddess of Love. Indeed that is who the planet was named after! As she moves around the astrological belt, the nature and expression of her love shifts and adapts. Her energy though is our guide to love and she can tell us many things such as how we express love, how we like to be loved in return and the best qualities that our ideal partner would have.

Join us for an evening where we ‘get real’ with the planet of Love. Learn about her namesake, her motion through the sky and how you can take advantage of her energies throughout the year as she connects with other planets in the sky. Also learn how she influences friendships and business relationships as this is the planet of relationships! She is also the patron of the arts and creativity so for those of you who have a creative streak, or want to express your creativity, come and join us so that you can connect with your muse!

Relationships are such a key aspect of our lives! We could all stand to share some of Venus’ wisdom! I promise you will leave feeling as radiant and connected as the Evening Star Venus herself!

This class is class is being offered by astrologer, Aleksandra Ceho. Aleksandra's love for Astrology has been fostered since childhood. Upon discovery of her grandfather's collection of astrology books, she was immediately drawn to the subject. Her love for astrology also led her to studying the mythologies and archetypes, as well as, the tarot in her late childhood and teenage years. While studying in University in 2005, Aleksandra received the Life Activation from a healing practitioner of the Modern Mystery School and became deeply interested in the Esoteric teachings of the school. Since that time, she has become a Teacher and Guide with the Modern Mystery School and is also privileged to hold the title of Wiccan High Priestess. She is an active member of the Modern Mystery School's Wicca Community where she happily contributes and imparts the wisdom and energy of the stars for others to partake. Aleksandra feels that it is indeed possible to master the stars so that we may one day co-create with them instead of feeling like we are working against them. It is exactly this empowerment that she feels is most important to bring to others through healing and teaching and sincerely hopes that those she has touched move on to serve others, as well.

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