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This is for those who realize that, for some of the deepest questions in life, it is helpful to go beyond conventional methods and explore ancient wisdom techniques in a new and improved way. In this case it's the I-Ching, the world's oldest, continuously-used personal guidance and analysis system. I am proud to say I have discovered the world's first direct method for making the line patterns (hexagrams) with which the I-Ching responds to inquiries. The Magnetic I-Ching method offers the sense of direct contact with wisdom - whether you think of it as connecting with an external source or with personal insights you cannot otherwise reach. You may see how it works in this video:


After 30 years of development I am introducing it to the world in various ways.

In the Meetup setting I want to work with open-minded people to explore the new method's ability to analyze personal and public questions of importance. We will frame questions and then employ the new method to get the responsive patterns. Finally we will interpret those patterns using reputable I-Ching texts (including my own - which has been called "the most straightforward, sensible and helpful.") I hope that people with a measure of life experience, a willingness to participate in framing questions of importance and an interest in wisdom techniques will join. I feel certain that, for the right people, this will be an enlightening and exciting experience. Minimum age 18.

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