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Yesss! You CAN create your stuff in your own style! Since when have we forgotten to explore & experience the process of doing things ourselves instead of following step-to-step instructions? I've always admired the generation before mine, the predecessors before the Internet age, whom explore ways to survive & ways to achieve what they want. Calling for all creators/makers (any level) who wanted & enjoy creating things, to have fun & explore the creative making world together!

Now inviting science/engineering professionals/industrial designers/product designers, crazy DIY-ers/crafters to join this meetup and play around with crafts/robotics/STEM toys! Afterall, we want it to be safe and we will need some essential foundation skills to kick off our projects, so we do need them/you to be our mentors!
* e.g. home decor (DIY a lamp in your own style)
* We could book a co-workspace or a studio or a party room and work together
* At least 3-5 professional for each session so science/engineering/product design novices like us could get the foundation assistance
Please inbox me or email escapewifthesheep@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering/being a mentor of our events & be part of the leadership team of the group! Please do brainstorm and discuss about the ideas of doing so together too! I really do want to make this happen and this would be a great learning opportunity for me & all our members for sure.
* While it's fun to work on our own projects, it MUST NOT be dangerous. Must be guided with science professionals.
* Suitable for those who is exploring his/her life. See if we can find a studio with some music & beers too!

*All people are welcome as long as you are a dreamer & like to discover different ways, figure out your own way in doing things

The main concept is that everyone can be a creator and we help each other along the way towards each of our own masterpiece.

Let's get messy & have fun now!


About the newbie organizer:

Unlike how most of the stories begin, I haven’t developed a very strong interest in science in my young age - technically speaking, in my “younger” age (well, I’m just 24, so I’m still young! lol)

I am a non-science background person graduated 2 years ago with a degree in Communication & New Media/Tech.

I’m gonna be honest that back in Uni, I had no idea what program should I take at first. I ended up taking double major in environmental management and communication program because I was interested in exploring about the physical geography back in high school; and the communication program seems like a fun, creative course that is broad enough for me to get a job after I graduate. Yes, it was all career-driven when making that decision. My goal was basically getting my bachelor certificate and get a job. Period. In my 3rd year of Uni, I suddenly feeling that I’m actually gonna waste my 4 years in Uni learning nothing - taking bird courses, trying to get a higher cgpa so I can graduate with an honor, which will in turn helping me to get a better job. Indeed, it was a lifelong lesson to me. It was not until I took the design thinking, social innovation courses in my final year that I realize that I embrace creativity, making something on your own (I have an interest in home decor & accessories. I want to start creating something to decor my small room or my workplace, or my future place, starting with something simple), and also helping people. I ended up graduate without a honor and with a very average cgpa, but I’ve get a clearer direction in what I want to do in my life.

My desire to explore and learn might be the underlying elements that inspire my interest in science, technology, social innovation now. And I would like to experiment more and fail more (Waittt, that does not mean I’m self-abuse, but rather I think that’s the best way to grow! & hey, i’m not referring to doing projects that are dangerous! ;) )

Life is actually a always-learning process instead of a destination. More precise & honest to say, I’m learning to learn & enjoy the process, and I do believe that this is also the best way to actually learning something and understanding the concepts by experimenting, that would help better innovation with those foundation concepts.

With my personal life goal to bettering, inspiring, healing others’ lives in the future- whether it’s through a medical professional job (e.g. being a nurse), or being a product designer that offer end-users a creative UX industrial product design that improve their lives, or being a videographers that inspire others with more practical & creative knowledge (which I’m now already editing my video of my 1st & very recent backpacking budget trip to Hawaii) - I started up this metope group.

I hope everyone who has a similar interest like me, who’d like to explore more about the world, or even making the world a better place even with tiny efforts can join this group to help everyone’s out in the group to work towards their own life goals, passion, or simply learning science while having fun with it even though we are all out of school! (yeahh, I know this feeling) Science, Technology, Originality, Creativity, Social Innovation — would sum up what this group is working towards.

It’s the time when we should stop making fun of sheep because they can actually pass a psychology test that monkeys don’t. Just take a look at the well-known escaped sheep, Shrek, who escaped shearing for 6 years. Sheep is also a symbol of dreamer, and I do believe that every sheep has its own style.

And just a sidetrack that when you pronounce sheep in chinese, it’s actually my last name! Whoops! (Google it if you don’t know chinese haha!)

----------Yes, we are LOOKING FOR YOU!--------
**IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL, AND you'd like to volunteer (or get paid to be assisting in the events), PLEASE EMAIL ME at escapedwifthesheep@gmail.com & discuss. I will then open a discussion topic in the group to see if we can just split the cost of your professional assistance/guidance fee.
**If you have a studio, a open space or any suggestion to host the event, let me know too!

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