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Do you own a small business, or are you about to start one?

"Finally, A Serious Business Community

Helping You To Build a Profitable Business"

Don't even think about applying to join unless you've read this page very carefully. Most people are rejected.

We are a community of business owners and entrepreneurs in Tokyo. We meet every month to discover ways to make more profit, for less work.

Here are a few recent reviews of this group:


"Great group of people, entertaining teacher and delicious food! Just to clarify, this is more of a serious study group / lecture series about direct marketing than a social get-together for small business owners. Interesting stuff, I hope to learn more." - Nick on Feb 14, 2013.


"Awesome meeting! Great meeting for a small business owner. Everything Mathew mentioned about the hurdles of a small business really let me know he truly knows what it is like to be tackling marketing from a small business point of view and how intimidating it can be! He had some great suggestions and I can't wait to attend the next meeting to find out how to implement those ideas.

Definitely attending the next meeting as this is not a networking meeting but more a real opportunity to gather ideas to make a tangible difference in my business." - Genevieve Sawtelle on Feb 14, 2013.


"When you run your own small business, you just need to rely on your own judgement without being exactly sure what you are doing is right. At the last Meetup, I was happy to confirm that some of the things I was doing was right, and it was also very inspiring to hear some examples that were quoted by Matthew.

Also before coming to the meeting, I wasn't quite sure if my business would still have capacity to attract more clients, but I learned that an effective marketing also allows you to avoid the people you don't want to spend your time on, which is the reason why I decided to come along to the next meeting.

It's great to meet people in similar situations and to be able to share the ideas and experience. Thanks again Matthew for the excellent meeting and looking forward to the next one!" - Yoko Majima on Feb 17, 2013.

Which of these apply to you?

I own a small business, or am about to start one.

I know parts of my business should be automatic but I'm struggling to get things set up properly...

I'm too busy running my business to actually make any money!

My customers come and go. Some are good customers, some are bad...

I want to get better at business, so I'll have consistent, good results

15 Benefits Of Joining Our Group

Meet with other Tokyo business owners and entrepreneurs

Get marketing tips and tricks

Share ideas and insights

Be more systematic

Get more customers

Focus on "bankable results" (ROI)

Get practical solutions you can use straight away

Consolidate what you know

Get a second opinion on your website, flier, email campaigns

Get motivation

Improve your mindset

Create valuable connections

Discover hidden opportunities in your business

Ask questions, get help and help others

Be more disciplined

What You Need To Do Now:
STEP 1: Read the group reviews to make sure this is the right group for you:


STEP 2: Apply to join the group. You will hear the result of your application within 24 hours.

STEP 3: Come to our events. To get the most out of them, you need to take notes, so remember to bring a notepad.

STEP 4: Use the ideas, tools and techniques from the events to grow the kind of business you want.

More recent reviews of this group:


"A huge thanks to Matthew for putting this all together and I really enjoyed the first meeting and getting to know all the new members. I learned a lot during the session and was glad I took notes. There was a lot of information packed in there.

One good point was the idea of “market, message and media”. That’s the idea that before you plan your multimedia marketing blitz and write your first sales letter, you have to know who your market is. Not knowing my market well enough is a mistake I’d like to avoid in the future so that will be very helpful.

A good hack Matthew taught us is by looking at Amazon reviews of products in your business category. By doing that, you can get an idea of what is popular, people’s preferences and complaints about products and also the language they use to describe that. That language can be mirrored in your marketing to appeal more to your potential clients. And that’s a trick I will definitely be trying out from now. Thanks again!" - Alex Brooke on Feb 15, 2013


"People shared their ideas and problems about their own businesses and they tried to help each other.

The organizer, Matthew gave us a lecture about marketing. he was so prepared for this meet up! even though I didn't have any knowledge of marketing, this session made me think about lots of things deeply. I cant really express my feelings well here, but i really want to learn lots of stuff from Matthew and all the other nice people who were there last night. Big thanks to Matthew and all the people:)!

The Kimono cafe where we were last night was beautiful and the FOOD WAS SO DELICIOUS!! Nice food, nice people and great session:)! i cant attend the next one... but love to attend the future meet up!!" - Kana Sato on Feb 12, 2013

You Can Turn Your Business Around Now:

Narrow your focus and select ONE target market (at a time)

Use Direct Response offers to compel prospects to call you

Patiently and systematically educate and motivate prospects

Present your unique service offer in a way that makes it easy to get started

Deliver a "Dream Come True" experience designed from your client's perspective

Provide after sales service - even after you've already been paid

Nurture lifetime relationships and focus on lifetime value

Orchestrate referrals by giving your clients the opportunity to feel great

These 8 concepts will give you "Bankable Results". This means you will know roughly how much it costs to get a new customer and how much money you'll get from the customer during their relationship with you. Put another way, your business will be predictable, instead of being a mystery.

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