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Mahatma Gandhi once said about meditation, "I have an extremely busy day today, and I have such little time to do everything! I need to do double the meditation to cope with it." He was one of the few who knew that meditation increases one's efficiency and productivity, and meditated every single day. ​Competition is at its highest, and being innovative and productive is more important than ever today. Employees who work hard and devote more and more time to being productive end up becoming very stressed. A stressful mind will never be productive or creative. If this was the case, most of the frustrated, stressed-out, unemployed youth would be very creative or innovative. This is not the case. Creativity and innovation can only come from a relaxed mind. Similarly, productivity can only come from deep rest. This seems contradictory. How can you rest when you have tonnes of work to complete? Just like in order to hit an arrow on a target, the arrow must first be pulled backward, in the same way, to be more efficient at work, some amount of time must be spent in meditation, i.e., doing nothing, but relaxing effortlessly. This is the key to get more work done in less time, and keep stress at bay. I Meditate Malmö is a movement empowering Malmoers to do more of the things they love by recharging through meditation: a practical way to refresh every day, invented thousands of years ago. Reinvented in 2014. 'I Meditate' is an initiative of the US Art of Living chapter. Some other cities/places where free meditation is offered under "I Meditate" are: 1. New York, USA - http://www.imeditateny.org/ 2. Calgary, Canada - http://imeditatecalgary.org/ 3. Washington DC, USA - http://imeditatedc.org/ 4. Africa - http://www.artofliving.org/i-meditate-africa 5. Gothenburg, Sweden - https://www.facebook.com/IMeditateGBG 6. Stockholm, Sweden

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