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I pick me - career and work

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    Are you choosing yourself every time or are you waiting to be chosen? Are you waiting to be chosen by that girl or that dream man to be validated that you are good enough or pretty enough, be chosen by your boss to be validated for your professional worth, be chosen among your friends to feel popular, or be chosen even by strangers to validate your social status?

    There is no shame in admitting any of the above; the environment that we live in promotes this kind of behavior. It is never too late to start choosing yourself, each day and everyday. Making a conscious decision asking yourself what you want, this is not a selfish decision, but one that will make you a happier person for yourself and the people around you.

    Welcome to our new group. Our aim is to create safe spaces for us to have the tough conversations we've always wanted, but unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to have - whether it be around our careers, relationships, sickness and death, or friends and family.

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