Let’s make your original healthy blend tea!

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☆ 日本語は下部にございます。

★ Do you know KAMPO (Japanese Traditional Medicine)?
★ Do you want to know about your body type classified in KAMPO?
★ Let’s find out your body type with simple questionnaire!
★ Let’s make your original healthy blend tea!

Japanese Traditional Medicine, KAMPO, emphasizes on the significance in maintaining a healthy balanced body & mind. To achieve optimal health, KAMPO regards daily healthcare, YOJO (healthy diet, enough rest, moderate exercise, peaceful mind, life-style in harmony with environment/season), as more important than medicinal treatment. Drinking healthy blend tea is one thing that you can easily make it a habit for promoting health. In this workshop, you can learn your body type classified in KAMPO and make your original healthy blend tea.

When : June29 (Saturday) 16:00-18:00
Where : Akasaka 2-9-2 ,WAY TOWERS 7F (Call “701” on the interphone)
Station: Tokyo Metro Tameikesanno Station (1 min walk from exit 10 )
Map : http://www.rome.or.jp/map.html
Tel :[masked]

Program schedule:
10 min : Drinks /self-introduction
10 min : Language exchange
1.5h : Workshop by Miho Ota
10 min : Language exchange, drinks etc...(CAFE TIME)

☆ Fees: 1,000 Yen (Include 1 drink + text + snacks)

★ Reservations:

Please RSVP beforehand if you're thinking of coming or send an email to [masked]([masked])

Also please feel free to bring your friends. We look forward to seeing you all!

ROME staff


【日時】  6月29日(土) 16:00~18:00

【場所】 Research Organization for Multicultural Organization

東京都港区赤坂2-9-2 WAY TOWERS 7th floor 電話番号 :[masked]


★ あなただけのオリジナルブレンドティーを作ろう!

☆ 日本の伝統医学漢方はご存知でしょうか?
☆ 漢方で分類されるあなたの体質を知ってみませんか?
☆ 簡単なセルフチェックであなたの体質を調べてみましょう!
☆ あなたの体質に合わせたオリジナルのヘルシーブレンドティーを作りましょう!


★ それでは当日皆さんとお会いできることを楽しみにしております ★