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Kundalini Yoga/Meditation with Kundalini Activiation or Shaktipat
Dear All, This session is mainly for the people who want to learn kundalini yoga/meditation in a traditional way. Traditionally the master will transfer his kundalini energy to the student to open his chakra (energy center) and third eye. Immediately the student can feel his/her Kundalini Energy is rising from their base of the spine and feeling the energy vibration in the third eye (the space between the eyebrows). This session is helpful for the beginners who want to learn proper meditation also. What is included in this session? - Simple stretching practices for Hip and Spine (not complicated, even beginners can do) - Kundalini Breathing Techniques - Sound Energy (Mantra) Meditation - Energy Healing Techniques - Formal Kundalini Activation (optional and only for interested people) - Kundalini Meditation - Yoga Nidra (Relaxation) Some of the benefits of Kundalini Energy Activation are: - Keeps the body free from diseases - Mind will be at its peaceful state, so the meditation is easy to do - Breathing pattern will be harmonized - Stress relieve and peace - Clear & sharp intellect - More intuition - Inner happiness - Clairvoyance and Clairvision - SELF realization (which will lead to the blissful state - our true state) - etc. About the Teacher who conducts this session: The kundalini wisdom teacher Jayaprakash is from India and currently working as a Computer Engineer in Germany. He is learning kundalini yoga for the past 14 years under the training of Self Realized Indian Master "Maha MahaRishi Paranjothiyar". He is teaching yoga for the past 10 years as part of "Maha Shakthi Meditation Services, Europe". He teaches Yoga/Meditation/Pranic Healing/Stress Relief courses in various places of Germany and Switzerland. He is the authorized kundalini yoga wisdom teacher to activate the Kundalini Energy in a traditional way (Shaktipat). Eligibility: Anyone can attend the workshop even if they don't have previous yoga experiences. Dress: Wear a comfortable dress if possible yoga dress. We provide the yoga mat. The Locations is : Room 2 in Selbst Hilfe Center, Zürich. Please RSVP only you are really interested and coming ! Limited Seats ! RSVP in meetup does not guarantee the course admission. Send us a private message in Meetup for registration. Admission is strictly only for people who have registered with us. About Kundalini Shaktipat: In every human being there is a source of natural energy that the yogis call the kundalini. In order to evolve in the yogic path, no matter what our path, the kundalini must be active. For most of us, the kundalini lies dormant at the bottom of the spine in the base chakra known as the Muladhar. When it awakens, it ascends through the chakras until it reaches the highest chakra, the Sahasrar. When that occurs, we merge with our True Self and attain SELF realization (our true nature). Shaktipat is the transfer of spiritual energy from the teacher to the student in order to awaken the kundalini. This process is compared to lighting one candle with another that is already lit and glowing. When the teacher is connected with the fully realized master and the energy is completely within his or her control, shaktipat initiation ensures that the student’s energy will remain active and stable. "Electricity is present everywhere, but there can be light only when the switch is turned on. Similarly the true master manifests the consciousness in the disciple through shaktipat.” Introduction Video to explain Kundalini Meditation: HAPPINESS is our TRUE Nature, which comes from within not from outside !


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