What we're about

Decide, go outside, work diligently, rest some, read at least a little, be about now, think about tomorrow, exercise, exercise again, eat some meat (but eat wayyy more greens), breathe deep, laugh, keep moments for solitude, be, learn, strive to be more... and decide "i believe in happy" and there... yes, there you find happy.
so the above is a word-soup to get you the idea of what we're aiming to arrive at, or to inspire. Nonetheless the path to happy will be discussions on:
-Work/career {striving to advance one's career is happy-giving}
-Happy {what does it constitute? - what's your definition? - when will you arrive at your 'happy-destination?'}
-People/friends {exploring what limitations we hold about friendships and people which we can break to experience even greater connections in our lives which = happy}
-Money {while society is built on money so many of us forget to make it a priority. We will make it a priority to discuss how to earn it, keep some, grow it, share a little, because this = happy}
-Time {do you make the most of it? - what could you deny wasting any more time on? where can you re'gain' some time from your day-to-day activities?}
-School {have you made the most of it? - did you leave too early - or is non-traditional school your cup of tea? - speaking of tea? a cup of tea in the morning does for happiness make}
-Goals/Vision {what do you aspire to? - what inspires you? - share: but not too much we want you to hold on to the energy of your dreams, but happiness grows with contributions from others}

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