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If you love Art Museums, or other cultural activities, lets check out Moma, the Met, Museums, Walking tours and and other great things to do in the city of New York! Come meet others who share your passion! We will have all kinds of events open to singles, non singles, new in towners and more.

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Murder Mystery & Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Online event

*TO ATTEND REGISTER AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/murder-mystery--scavenger-hunt/dates/ (Event time is 8pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME) We are taking one of our most popular Murder Mystery & Scavenger Hunts online! Join us for a fun night of exploring and socializing as you follow the exploits of a someone who visited New York City, toured some awesome sites, met some new people, and got invited to a big party that night. That person made it to the party but left in a body bag! It is up to you to solve the mystery of what happened. We will put you together with others to trace our victim's steps during the day which will give you clues as to what happened. Along the way you will also learn some amazing things about NYC that you probably never knew. No experience or prior knowledge is needed! How it works: Register for a ticket and we will send you the code to join our Zoom meeting day of the event. Once logged in your host will explain the rules and randomly split you into teams (unless you have a team already). If you are registering with someone that will be sharing your Zoom log in please select 2 tickets (or more if you have multiple people playing with you). When the hunt starts we will email the clues page and you will start your online journey. Each group will have 30 minutes to find as many clues as possible. You will use those clues to piece together the answer to the mystery. What do I need? Computer with webcam or tablet/smartphone Can I attend alone? Right now 95% of those participating attend alone. How many are expected? This is a multi-group event so don't pay attention to RSVPs. Most of our virtual events have up to 20 participants unless otherwise specified. How much? $15-$20 depending upon how early you register (and # of spots are available) *P.S. Event organizers are being hit especially hard right now. We are working hard to create fun virtual events for you to participate in and meet new people. We appreciate your support during this trying time.

LIVE (online) Name that Song Quiz! Fundraiser- Top 40 Songs from the 80s

Prepay required at : https://www.socialevents123.com/event-details.aspx?id=8076 A portion of ticket sales will be donated to groups helping front line workers with meals/support/ animal shelters/food pantries and other.. Limited Number: Save $$ by using the discount code: VIRTUAL You can attend via a computer & Webcam or Smartphone/Ipad/Tablet. ABOUT In this crazy Coronavirus world, many of us are feeling isolated and need to socialize. We created Online trivia event to allow you to do just that, in a fun safe environment. HOW IT WORKS This completely online event will be LIVE and you will be able to see and hear the other participants while playing. In addition you get to meet and interact with other participants. At game time, your host will play clips from Top 40 songs from the 80s. Your goal is to come up with the correct Title and Artist for each song. Once the round is over (about 6-10 songs), we will go through the answers and determine who had the highest score for the round. They will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize at the end of the event. We will have multiple rounds of play and have a system may virtually introduce you to other participants. (you can opt out of meeting other participants if you choose) HOW DO YOU FIND THE VIRTUAL ROOM After you purchase your ticket, you will get a confirmation with the zoom link for you to use to log in. RSVPS ON HERE ARE NOT REFLECTIVE OF ACTUAL ATTENDANCE as this is a multi group event. Cost: $12.99- $20 depending on how early you register. Prepay required at : https://www.socialevents123.com/event-details.aspx?id=8076 Limited Number: Save $$ by using the discount code: VIRTUAL

International Online Mixer

Online event

*To attend, register at - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/international-meet--mingle/dates/ (*This event starts at 8pm Eastern Standard Time) Our International members are loving this Meetup so we'll continue to bring people from different backgrounds together - online! This night will have a little something for everyone with socializing, games, and prizes. Virtually mix, mingle and network with the vast melting pot of members from both the USA and around the globe! How it works: Before the meeting starts we'll try to get an idea of how many people are representing different ethnicities/heritages! When you log in your host will be on hand to welcome you and introduce you to others. Your host will then get the conversations going plus facilitate and moderate so that everyone has a chance to participate. We'll have guided topics plus random socializing. At several points during the gathering we will have games that everyone can participate in or we will break you off into breakout rooms and have team competitions (i.e. Team India vs Team USA) If you are the only one representing your country we will have an "Internationals Team". What to expect: The goal of this event is to bring together our members from many different backgrounds (including the USA) for fun conversations. We also hope to get some perspectives on what is happening in your home countries and perhaps connect you with other members who are from the same places as you! JUST PLEASE NO POLITICS! How to join: After you register for a ticket, we will send you a Zoom link on the day of the event. If for some reason you don't see an email from us on the event date, make sure to check your spam folder in case it ended up there by accident or contact us to resend. *FOR TICKETS - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/international-meet--mingle/dates/ ($10-$15 depending on how early you register. Space is limited.) *P.S. Event organizers are being hit especially hard right now. We are working hard to create fun virtual/online events. We appreciate your support during this trying time and hope you enjoy them!

Couch, Cocktail & Conversations (Hump Day Happy Hour)

Online event


*REGISTER AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/couch-cocktails-conversation-virtual-happy-hour/dates/ Remember, social distancing doesn't mean social disconnecting! We've had such a great response to this Meetup so we're doing it again! This event is a perfect way to break up the work week and a great alternative to just watching TV and scrolling through your social feeds. Make new friends, relationships, network... and most importantly have fun! All without leaving your couch!! Grab your favorite cocktail, get comfortable, and connect virtually with some new, friendly people! Our host will facilitate topics as well as encourage conversations and moderate so that everyone has a chance to participate. All topics are fair game except politics, religion and Covid-19! Let's keep it fun, light & positive! All you need is either a laptop/phone/tablet. Once you sign up, you will be sent a secured Zoom link to join closer to the event date/time. If you haven't already, download Zoom (it's free and easy to use). Once you login to the event, you'll get to see all of the other participants via video. We will have up to 20 attendees. After the event, we'll leave the event open for about 20 minutes so you can exchange contact information with anyone else. This event is open to both singles and non-singles. RSVPs listed here are not reflective of actual attendance as this is a multi-group event. *REGISTER - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/couch-cocktails-conversation-virtual-happy-hour/dates/ (Cost: $10-$15 depending on how early you register) *P.S. Event organizers are being hit especially hard right now. We are working hard to create fun virtual events for you to participate and meet/make new friends. We appreciate your support during this trying time.

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