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Learn how to attract the perfect partner. (Training Workshop)

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Would you like to know just what to say when you are talking to a woman you are attracted to? What about for you ladies who see a cute guy in line at starbucks? Well, there is no magic bullet or one liner that will work in every situation, you need to be calm, cool and collected, then the words don't even matter that much. This is a true workshop, meaning it will be hands on and will give you tangible actionable skills you can put to use right away. You will be on your feet more than half the time. Our Last workshop reached capacity so don't wait to sign up. Check out the reviews from a recent event here:

Well, it's that time of year again, SUMMER! Time to get out there and meet people and be social. If that seems like a bit of a drag to you, you will LOVE this workshop for men only. You will discover: • How to attract AMAZING people and make sure you stand out from the competition in Vancouver.

• Secrets to naturally approaching people you are attracted to, starting conversations and getting dates within seconds.

• The top FIVE places to meet people in Vancouver.

• How to get over your fear of rejection - no matter how unsuccessful, you've been up to this point. It’s actually totally normal and if you can get past it, it will be your best friend, I promise.

• Flirting tricks using eye contact and body language that most people in Vancouver don’t know how to do.

• The secrets of High Status Humour - and exactly what to say and do to spark their interest.

And so much more, if you are remotely curious about this information and you don’t want to waste another summer with no game and no dates and no fun then you NEED to come to this life changing workshop.

Space is very limited and I am reaching out to several groups to attend this workshop so if you want to attend you need to sign up right away and promise not to flake :)

A little bit about me:

My name is Devon O'Brien Ash, for around a decade, I have been teaching men and women how to build better relationships through effective communication techniques. I have worked with tens of thousands of individuals and dozens of companies to guide people towards becoming the most charming versions of themselves. I can change your life if you are ready to have the life you believe you deserve.

Don’t wait any longer to be the best version of yourself. Don’t let another year pass you by. Let this summer be the most amazing summer of your entire life. Now is the time to start the work so when the sun comes out you are ready to PLAY!

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