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There is a lot of need out there, a need to talk to others who understand, who can validate. Validation is important...it's one of the first things we need, while we sort through our horrific experiences with literally the "living dead". In the midst of shock, surprise, and being discarded, we tend to scan through memories, experiences and interactions. We scan through our past from the moment we met him/her til the end, identifying and labeling those moments that were defining, red flags that we ignored.

This group isn't full of scientists, psychiatrists, mental illness workers. It isn't a 12 step program. It's a bridge, a place were you can meet others who have been where you are at or where you came from. This isn't a group of Empaths, or highly sensitive people, it's especially not the type of group that stays stagnant in their quest for healing. We actually report back to each other weekly and share our growth and hold each other accountable for the growth and the steps we have taken to healing. We share resources and have meaningful discussions.

My original About Us.

I can't imagine, I'm the only who has "Loved a Monster". I created the group, because I feel it's important to share our experiences and knowledge with one another. This group is for anyone, everyone. My hope is that we are able to share without fear. To be able to celebrate one another, acknowledge one another and our feelings, our experiences, our perceptions and opinions in a accepting and respectful way. What is shared here, stays here. Not everyone is comfortable sharing and showing up, but I am and I will be there and look forward to meeting you and learning more about you. Its only through sharing, that people realize they aren't alone, and sometimes knowing you're not alone, is enough to save a life.

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