What we're about

This is a new social meetup for WOMEN who happen to not have children...by choice, and who don’t plan to have children in the future. Suggested ages between late 30s and late 50s. (For the Men who’ve attempted to join....Let me reiterate this is a group for Women.)

Created March 21, 2019.

This is not a hate group. I don’t hate children or parents of children. This is simply an outlet for women to meet other happy women (without children) who may relate to each other on this chosen childfree path. Moms have mom groups to join so why can’t non-moms have a group too!

Women who are childless by circumstance rather than by choice are more than welcome to join, but the objective of this group is not support for dealing with that type of grief. If you join, please know you will be surrounded by women who are happily childfree which will hopefully lift you up without being a specific support group.

Since being childfree may be the only thing we automatically have in common, this is simply a social group with the possibility for a variety of events.

Due to space, some events will be limited to group members only. Other events may be open to allow you to bring guests but all guests must also be childfree women.

Once in a while I may create coed events where you can bring your childfree male friends, boyfriends, husbands, etc. Those will be specifically noted. Otherwise, as noted above, all events are for childfree women.

If you’re interested in something you want me to add as an event let me know and I’ll see if I can accommodate. If you’re interested in hosting an event catch me at a meetup and we can chat about it.

I’ve never started a group before so this will be a work in progress.

I do ask members to post a profile picture which is at least somewhat recognizable to help me find you and greet you at events. If you request to join without a picture the request will not be accepted. (Once you’ve been to a few meetups and I will recognize and remember you, then I’m not so concerned what you do with your picture at that point.)

Upcoming events (5+)

Downton Abbey Movie

AMC Sundial 20

I know watching a movie isn’t an extremely social event, but I’ve decided to see this in a theater, which I rarely do, and I decided to post it and see if anyone wants to join me. I already have a bowling event in the afternoon so I’ve chosen the 7:00 show. I can get there by 6:00 to socialize a bit before it starts. This will be the opening weekend so I’ll buy my ticket in advance in case it is busy.

TAMPA - Music Bingo

The Pub Tampa Bay

Tampa ladies this one is for you. Music Bingo at The Pub in the International Mall complex. Bingo starts at 7 and I’ll be there by 6:15. https://www.facebook.com/events/485860328876178/?event_time_id=485860375542840?ti=icl

Brunch Noble Crust

Noble Crust

Brunch at Noble Crust. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I’m not allowing guests at this one so more actual members can attend and meet each other.

The Getaway - 6 Months Celebration

The Getaway

Come have dinner or drinks to celebrate 6 months since this group started! I chose the Getaway again because it was the location of the very first event and maybe some Tampa ladies can make it over during the week too since it is a somewhat central location between downtown St. Pete and Tampa.

Past events (29)

Banned Books are a Drag Show

St. Pete Shuffle

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