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IAA-Cleveland Center Course Five – Advanced: Examining Specific Areas of Life

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Finding the Chart Themes for Various Areas of Life & Using Derived Houses

9 Week Course: $20 per class or $157.50 up front

Instructor: Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.IAA, ISAR-CAP, International Speaker

PreRequisite: IAA Cleveland Center courses 1 – 4 or a working knowledge of how to interpret a planet in a sign and house, planets in aspect, and planets in major configurations. Class time will be not taken to review these concepts.

Structure of the course: Class time is 1.5 - 2 hours each week and will begin exactly on time. You will have homework each week to bring to the next class, part of it will be general questions for the understanding of the material and part of it will be delineating your chart. The first half hour of class will be for going over the homework – we will not have time to go over the week’s theme in everyone’s chart but we will go over the worksheet questions. You should still do the chart work for yourself so you can see the astrology in application, we will briefly talk about what themes arouse for those who want to share their findings. The remaining 60-90 minutes will be talking about the week’s topic (except for week one which will be 2 hours on the week’s topic). After the review of
the homework, the lesson part of class will be audio recorded in mp3 format and sent to you within 48 hours of class via email to download if you want them.

Required Materials: Notebook, pen or pencil and your chart. If you do not have your chart, email your birth data (Name, date mm/dd/yy, city, state and time of birth) to Julene at least 24 hours before the first class begins so she can bring your chart to the first class for you. Class time will not be spent printing charts.

Week 1 – Ruler of the _ House in the _ House & Dispositors: This week focuses on understanding the importance of where the ruler of the house we are examining is placed. We will also cover the importance of the planet’s dispositor (the ruler of the sign the planet is in). Homework: Answer the questions on the worksheet.

Week 2 – Career: This week we will focus on the house of substance – the 2nd (money), the 6th (obligation, duty, work) and the 10th (career, recognition). By examining planets in these houses, planets ruling these houses and aspects & dsipositors of these planets, we will find the careers that a person will find fulfilling. We will also bring in the planets that pertain to career to get more information. We will examine a few famous people with different careers in class. Homework: Answer the questions on the worksheet and use
what you learned in class to determine your career path.

Week 3 & 4 – Relationships: The first week we will focus on our romantic relationships & partnerships. We will begin by focusing on the Relationship Axis the 1st & 7th house, the planets in those houses, their rulers and dispositors. Additionally, the 5th house ruler shows where we give our heart and planets in that house show how we give it. We will
also look at planets in opposition as the dymanic that plays out in our relationships. The second week we will bring in the relationship patterns indicated by the 3rd house (our first peer relationship with our siblings), the 4th house (family patterns) and the 11th house (our relationships with friends) that also influence our relationship patterns. Additionally we will bring in the planets that pertain to relationship and in what capacity to get more
information. This will enable us to uncover the relationship theme in the natal chart. We will examine a few famous people with various relationship dynamics. Homework: Answer the questions on the worksheet and use the portion you learned in class each week to examine your relationship pattern.

Week 5 – Health & Illness: This week we will focus on the 1st, 6th & 8th houses as houses of body, illness and chronic illness to uncover the strength of one’s constitution or vitality as well as the illnesses or accidents one is susceptible to encounter. We will also
bring in Chiron and the planets that represents vitality. You will learn what types of illnesses are associated with which planets, and which combinations of planets are an accident indicator. Homework: Answer the questions on the worksheet and assess your vitality and illnesses or accidents you are susceptible to.

Week 6 – Life Purpose or Soul Path: This week we will focus on houses 1, 5 & 9 the house of life or dharma, along with the Nodes to determine the theme of your soul’s urge. This theme will shed additional light on the past themes you have uncovered and you will start to see repeating messages of the most important things. Homework: Answer the
questions on the worksheet and use what you learned in class to assess your soul’s urge.

Week 7 & 8 - Chart Themes & Sub Themes: We will spend two weeks focusing on repeating themes in the chart. When things are stated three or more times in a different way, it creates a theme. These are the themes that we encounter throughout our life, the things we have to learn and grow from, and the things that define who we are and what we do. You will likely have noticed several of these in your own chart throughout this course. These weeks we will learn how to put it all together. We will use famous people as examples for finding chart themes the first week. The second week we can use a couple of
your charts if you’d like. Homework: Find your chart themes and sub-themes.

Week 9 – Derived Houses: The first week will introduce the concept and function of derived houses in generality. You will learn how to find information about anyone’s career, relationship, health and everything else from your chart. The second week we will use your charts (if you want or we can do famous people) as examples to learn use derived houses, see the abundance of information available with this technique and understand their importance. Homework: Answer the questions on the worksheet and choose another person in your life to find more information about from your chart.

Julene Packer-Louis is a graduate of International Academy of Astrology and is also certified by International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR). She's been an instructor at IAA since 2000 and she has been teaching advanced courses in the Diploma Module at the Academy since 2003. She is a world lecturer and travels about the US and abroad, lecturing at conferences and teaching workshops for astrological organizations. As the CEO of the Academy, she's the primary administrator of the school, along with overseeing the teaching of more than a dozen instructors.


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