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7300 Mallard Creek Rd · Charlotte, NC

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When: Sat., November 9, 2019
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Where: Heartlight Spiritual Center, 7300 Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte NC

Speaker: Jim Bruton, NBC reporter, adventurer, near-death experiencer (via Zoom)

Topic: "Trip of a Lifetime"

I was test flying an aircraft when it crashed and I almost died. When the surgeons put me into a week-long coma to perform high-risk and lengthy surgeries, I immediately woke up in the In-Between, a timeless, purgatorial looking world where I was given the opportunity to change my future, to see the interconnectedness of all things and become a better person. Upon return, I understood the experience as much from studying quantum physics as mysticism. The experience continues to unfold, from the NDE itself, through the after-effects and now its integration into my life.

Speaker Bio:
Jim Bruton has been fortunate to realize most of his childhood dreams- watching wildlife television programs as a child, then living in Africa and winning an Emmy for his work with National Geographic Television; dreaming of sci-fi gadgets while reading through Popular Mechanics, then shrinking a television truck into a backpack, transmitting live video from places all over the world previously impossible- including both polar regions, the Titanic and Mt. Everest, as both an adventurer and a Lecturer at Yale University School of Medicine. His love of vintage aircraft translated from gluing models together to the building and flying of two accurate reproductions- one from WW1 and the other from the early 1930s.

It was the crash of his second aircraft that nearly killed Jim and propelled him into his NDE. While the surgeons spent a week performing 6-plus hour operations to save his life, Jim went to a place he calls the In-Between, a purgatorial-appearing place where he was given a single mission: to remove bad choices from his future and set the stage for becoming a better person. Though desolate in appearance and difficult to be in, the In-Between was not hostile or threatening. Upon return and with the understanding Jim was given, he realized that the In-Between isn’t a place you go to or come from, it is simply a place you are.

Cost: $10 cash donation at the door but no one is turned down due to a lack of funds.

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