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All Meetups are being held online at this time.

Recurring Daily Meetup from 9:00 am to 9:30 am Silence and Sharing.

Recurring Weekly Meetup Sunday Noon to 12:30 pm Sunday Noon Silence and Sharing.

Details: Silence and Sharing Meetups

Check in on how each other is doing

2 minutes of Silence at a time followed by time for sharing. Individual Sharing is optional.

We strive to share hope and peace calmly.

Please send Susan an email for the meeting locations.

We are branching out to

On Demand Afternoon and Evening Meetups

Your suggested times honored when possible.

Watch for them to be posted.

On Demand Meeting Details:

Check in on how each other is doing

Hold 2 minutes of silence for the healing of everyone who is suffering

Share Near-Death Experiences, Spiritually Transformative Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, other NDE-Like extraordinary experiences.

Some Meetups will be posted with only a short time to join before the Meetup.

Popular Times will become Recurring Meetups.

Let’s get together to learn, share, listen.

Join a Meetup or suggest one.

We are a discussion forum open to people who have had a near-death or similar experience or who have personal or professional interest in the latest research about higher consciousness. We get together to share and validate experiences.

When we are able to Meetup in person again:

Sometimes there is a speaker other times community service or just a chance for food and conversation. Meeting locations are in the works. Let us know where you would like us to meet.

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Janice's NDE Experience

Online event

Our next Farmington NDE Support Group meeting is on Monday, July 13th from 7- 9pm, it will be our third online video meeting. Our guest speaker is Janice - an intuitive telepathic healer using multiple holistic therapies to help each individual client. Janice’s surgery was October 15, 2019 and she had no idea how much her life would transform. During the surgery her blood pressure plummeted and she could see herself looking at her body on the operating table. The next thing she knew, Janice was enveloped by a brilliant white light and she understood she was there to receive lessons on self-love, not giving up, and so much more. You are invited to attend our monthly online meeting starting at 6:45pm with Bethany Silver acting as our host. It is simple as you do not have to download anything. You simply click on the link below: 2 Ways to join: 1. To join on a computer, tablet or smart phone, click this link: a. https://meet.google.com/hir-pyjq-uyq b. allow google to access the microphone on your device (this permits you to talk) c. allow google to access the video on your device (this permits you to be seen) d. click the 'join' button that should appear near the center of your screen. 1. To join with a phone, a. dial (‪US)‪ [masked]; b. enter PIN: ‪[masked]# c. follow the steps above. Additional Information about Janice: Janice is the owner of ZenPora. She is an intuitive/channel and promotes healing through her healing arts she is an inspirational speaker and is available for private sessions. She holds a degree in Psychology and is a Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselor (DARC). Janice holds a Therapeutic Recreation Director certificate (TRD) and has a certificate from The Graduate Institute in Integrative Health and Healing. She is a Qigong Master and through the practice of Qigong, she can do Qigong Energy Healing, in person or telepathically. Janice is an accomplished sound healer with the use of Tibetan singing bowls and leads guided meditations. Janice was born with strong intuitive skills, after having a near-death experience there was a strong knowledge of things constantly flowing to her. With intense spiritual guidance, she in turn can guide others. These wellness initiatives that Janice encourages allows the ability to achieve a calmer mind, physical relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, and increased general well-being. Janice is passionate to help others feel their best. She believes we are infused with mind spirit and energy and that the body is more than its physiological parts. Janice puts focus on diet and nutrition and its relationship to wellness while taking in context the importance of lifestyle and cultural practices. Janice’s mission is to be the change agent in helping people overcome their health obstacles, specializing in pain and stress relief. She is passionate about helping others to feel there best, physically emotionally and spiritually. Janice starts her private sessions by engaging a client to discover how they wish to be helped and healed. This is done by creating an individualized wellness plan, based on the client’s intent for healing, and utilizing integrative therapies to relieve pain and to refocus thoughts for a calmer and happier self. Academics - Graduate Institute – Integrated Health & Healing Certificate Program [masked]) one and one-half years, - Charter Oak University – B.S. Psychology [masked]) Manchester Community College – Therapeutic Recreation Director Certificate Program[masked]) Services offered, for wellness that has a focus on pain and stress relief include; utilizing cutting-edge scientific research, including in the science of epigenetics, MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), refocusing thoughts, cognitive restructuring, nutritional counseling, Qigong, sound therapy, and multi-media. To contact Janice: [masked]

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Online Only - Finding Your New Normal

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