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All Meetups are being held online at this time.

Recurring Daily Meetup from 9:00 am to 9:30 am Silent Healing Prayer/Meditation.

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Recurring Weekly Meetup Sunday Noon to 12:30 pm Sunday Noon Silent Healing Prayer/Meditation.

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Recurring Nightly Meetup from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm are of various topics now. Only short time in Silence.


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Details: Silent Healing Prayer/Meditation Meetups

Check in on how each other is doing.

Prayer Requests are followed by

2 minutes of Silence for each Prayer Request. Individual Sharing after the silence is optional.

Silent-Prayer is a term used here to reflect a non-denominational process that can be viewed as a time of silent reflection and meditation using each person's approach to maintaining the intended focus on person(s) or subject(s) described as the intended recipient(s) of the process. Everyone is welcome to participate silently together. All beliefs are respected and proselytizing is not supported. We welcome people who believe in silent prayer or meditative focus but are not connected to an organized religion as well as people who attend religious or spiritual services regularly.

This is a group for people who believe in the power of silent prayer and are willing to pray for others. We are all about silent prayer for people who are on our minds and in our hearts but not currently with us physically. We pray for each other and the loved ones we are all missing.

Also it is a place to gather and pray silently for people we do not know. Children and adults that are missing after natural disasters from around the world and for other reasons like MIA/POW and others missing in times of war and social unrest.

We then shift our focus to ourselves. We take time to share with each other how we are right now and how we would like to be in the future. As we share, we open the door to possible healing for ourselves and for others who listen to our sharing and identify with it on some level. Everyone is welcome to join this interfaith community.

IANDS stands for International Association for Near-Death Studies.

We are a discussion forum open to people who have had a near-death or similar experience or who have personal or professional interest in the latest research about higher consciousness. We get together to share and validate experiences. Some Meetups have Guest speakers.

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