AI Automation of AI:- AI designing AI, AI Optimizing AI and AI governing AI


Details :- The democratization of AI is driving a significant acceleration in demand for machine learning and data science skills across all industries. To further accelerate this trend and bridge the skills gap, creation of AI itself is being automated and is transforming the way businesses and data science teams operate. According to McKinsey Global Institute, nearly half of work tasks could soon be automated in the global workforce. For data scientists, this means a reduction in manual tasks and an acceleration of time to deployment.

AI designing AI:
NeuNetS in IBM Watson Studio synthesizes a neural network and trains it on your unstructured training data, like images or text, without you having to design or write code by hand.

Reach model accuracy within minutes/hours instead of days/weeks
Scale your AI training with our cluster of GPUs
Ensure consistency and repeatability

AI optimizing AI:
AutoAI automatically prepares data, applies algorithms, and attempts to build model pipelines best suited for your data and use case.

Citizen data scientists learn the process of optimizing AI pipelines
Experienced data scientists reach production level accuracy more quickly
Deploy machine learning pipelines, including all data transformations, with a single click using Watson Machine Learning

AI governing AI:
Integrated with Watson Machine Learning and together with IBM Watson Studio, Watson OpenScale helps your business maintain production worthy accuracy and governance.

Automate and operationalize AI life cycle in business applications
Ensure AI models are unbiased, understandable and explainable
Allow auditing of models for business transactions

In this session, we will discuss on simplifying the complex, time-intensive and costly AI development process, making it easily accessible for all. By relieving data scientists of manual planning, management, and monitoring tasks, we hope to empower them with more time dedicated to developing powerful, predictive models. Teams assisted by AutoAI can extract greater value from AI investments and invent new business models by focusing on the differentiating parts of their business.

6:00 - 6.30:00pm: Arrive, sign-in, enjoy light refreshments, network with attendees.
6:30 - 7:00pm: Automation of AI Strategy presentation.
7:00 - 8:00pm: Technical demo of AutoAI, NeuNetS and OpenScale.
8:00 - 8:30pm: Additional discussion, questions, networking.