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As we build momentum towards RedHat's summit in April, we would be bringing *Kubernetes OpenShift World Tour* to Singapore!

This is a 1-day workshop with a deep dive into the inner workings of OpenShift.

Morning-> An introduction into Application Modernisation
With all the hype around Container Orchestration, we will be sharing IBM's perspective into how Enterprises can begin their Cloud Native and Application Modernisation journey by utilising frameworks such as K8s and Istio etc.

Afternoon -> OpenShift in top gear...
In addition to the beginners guide to OpenShift, we will also take some time in the afternoon to setup and simulate what running a Container Platform on your very own machine feels like!

Finally, we will deploy your first Machine Learning (ML) Application, this session is designed for those that are looking for more complex and advanced deployments.

For beginners this workshop will talk you through everything you need to know to get up and running super quick.

For those more seasoned and one with the ways of the stack, this will be a great refresher with some more advanced techniques and deployments.

Tickets are free and we hope that you will join us for the entire session.

This event will have some light snacks plus plenty of swag and stickers, you will need a laptop (there will be Wi-Fi at the event).

We hope to see you there~!