Cloud Developer Tools Series: Hello, World! Create REST APIs w API Connect

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Join IBM Developer Austin for a hands-on workshop where you will create REST APIs for CRUD operations using IBM API Connect.

JavaScript has been a part of the developer landscape since the mid-’90s, but has only begun to be recognized as a server-side platform in the past few years. Netscape may have been the first to experiment with server-side JavaScript, but it wasn’t until Google embedded V8 into a standalone executable (what we now call Node.js) that we saw the potential for running JavaScript code everywhere, not just in a web browser.

Recent interest has sparked an explosion of new frameworks for server-side JavaScript; Meteor, Backbone.js, KeystoneJS, and Sails.js come to mind immediately, and more are there for the research-minded. Each builds on top of certain core primitives and targets more or less the same data storage facilities, but each brings its own flavor to the exercise — a particular way of building applications that will seem most obvious, intuitive, and comfortable to developers already familiar with the style that informs the framework.

4:00pm Check-In & Introductions
4: 15pm IBM Cloud & Dev Setup
4:30pm API Connect Workshop
5:45pm Q&A

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