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Blockchain technology presents opportunities for disruptive innovation. It enables global business to transact with less friction and more trust.

IBM Blockchain has joined The Hyperledger Project to evolve and improve upon earlier forms of blockchain. Instead of having a blockchain that is reliant on the exchange of cryptocurrencies with anonymous users on a public network (e.g. Bitcoin), a blockchain for business provides a permissioned network, with known identities, without the need for cryptocurrencies.

Applying blockchain across industries and professions.
Blockchain shows great promise across a wide range of business applications

For example, financial institutions can settle securities in minutes instead of days. Manufacturers can reduce product recalls by sharing production logs with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and regulators. Businesses of all types can more closely manage the flow of goods and related payments with greater speed and less risk.

•Media and Entertainment
•Supply Chain and Logistics
•Finance and Accounting

IBM has donated 44,000 lines of code and counting to the Hyperledger Project to help the advancement of distributed ledger technology, built on open source code from the ground up.

Value-added services on IBM Bluemix cover critical business areas such as high-availability, compliance, security and performance.

IBM Blockchain experts are available around the world to partner with clients, starting with a full-service workshop experience that leads to building, piloting and implementing blockchain solutions.

The purpose of this meetup is to update you on what IBM is doing in Blockchain, developments, create a Silicon Valley blockchain eco system, discuss potential use cases, networking and exchanging of experience. It is open to all levels of blockchain knowledge.

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