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Build, Test & Deploy PHP applications on Bluemix

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This meetup is targeted at intermediate PHP developers who are looking to get started deploying applications on Bluemix. It will provide an overview of PHP support on Bluemix, explain how to package PHP applications for deployment on Bluemix, and walk users through tools and utilities to debug PHP deployments. It will also provide an overview of continuous deployment services available for PHP applications on Bluemix (if time permits).

The presentation will be followed by a hands-on coding session (lasting approx 60 minutes), which will walk users through the practical steps of taking an existing PHP-MySQL application, deploying it to Bluemix and connecting it with a Bluemix MySQL service. Once deployed, it will show users how to connect their live application with a GitHub code repository, such that changes to the code on GitHub are automatically deployed to Bluemix.

• Bluemix and PHP overview
• Configuration artifacts
• Development approaches
• Deployment steps
• PHP dependency management
• Bluemix service credential retrieval
• Buildpack configuration
• Debugging
• CI integration (if time permits)

Speaker Bio:

Vikram Vaswani is the author of seven books ( on software and database programming, published by The McGraw-Hill Companies ( and Pearson Education ( He is an IBM Champion (, the founder of the Mumbai MySQL/PHP User Group (, and a guest speaker who has led sessions at open source conferences in India and the United States. He is also an active participant in the open source software community with regular articles on IBM developerWorks ( and various open-source projects on GitHub.

He is also the founder of Melonfire (, an open source software consultancy firm in Mumbai, India. Melonfire provides specialized product design and development services to help customers efficiently launch and manage new products for the Web.

To participate in the live coding session, attendees must have:

A computer with Internet access (can use the AstroLabs Guest wifi)
• A Bluemix ( account with the ability to deploy apps and instantiate services
You will need an active Bluemix account. Please message us if you're near the end of your trial & need a promocode to extend it :)
• A GitHub (
• A local Apache/PHP/MySQL development environment (for an all-in-one solution, download XAMPP from (
• A local installed IDE (examples are Eclipse, Notepad++, Sublime Text, gedit, all freely available)
• A local installed copy of PHP Composer ( (download from
• A local installed copy of Git ( (download from
• A local installed copy of cf, the CloudFoundry CLI ( (download from )

In case of difficulty obtaining/installing the above, please post issues in the meetup comments or via the form at

Practical takeaways: Attendees will return with a practical understanding of how to deploy PHP applications on Bluemix.

See You There!