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IDSA Oregon June 3x10

Get some food for thought. + beer, thank you Autodesk Fusion 360. + food, thank you Core77.

Presumptive Design Leo Frishberg

Periodic Table of Forms Michael Aubry

Brand Experience Michael Lenz

The Oregon chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America is hosting a 3x10 on Friday, June 24th 2016 at 6pm. This is a casual event where 3 professionals speak for 10 minutes each. Meet at 6 for a food and drink social hour sponsored by Autodesk Fusion 360

Leo Frishberg, co-author of Presumptive Design: Design Provocations for Innovation will discuss why it is we always get things wrong. And how to make that a good thing. In this rapid overview of the PrD process, Frishberg will position this method in the context of Design Thinking frameworks.

Leo Frishberg is Principal of Phase II, a UX strategy, architecture and design firm based in Portland, OR. A naturalized citizen of Oregon, Frishberg and his family have called Portland home for almost 24 years. Prior to restarting Phase II, Frishberg was Product Design Manager at Intel Corporation. He holds a BA Environmental Planning from UCSC and a M.Arch from SCI-ARC.

Michael Aubry will demonstrate the Periodic Table of Forms with Fusion 360 “Why does design so often struggle to communicate its value to the world when it's something we all recognize?” This was the question posed by Gray Holland, renowned founder of Alchemy Labs, 6 years ago when he developed the now famous Periodic Table of Forms, a table that explains how surface curves change the perception of a design. Designs have a feel. The sharp edges of a B-52 Bomber look menacing, while the curves of the VW Bug look friendly. Let’s explore the structure of Holland’s table and discover methods to create different curvature setups.

Michael Aubry is always pursuing better, faster and exciting ways to design. During the ten years he’s worked in the computer aided design field, he’s been privileged to work with 100s of customers who do everything from craftsman eyewear to giant fighting robots. He has professional experience in the bio-medical, wind energy, and computational fluid dynamics simulation industries. Mike is passionate about hackathons, and he loves working with anyone and everyone inspired to solve interesting problems. He proudly works as an Evangelist for Autodesk Fusion 360 – a cloud-based product design tool. He has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Portland.

Michael Lenz, Global Director Brand Experience at Cisco, will speak about Brand Experience.