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The Atheists are invading Redlands Market Night and we're looking for volunteers! This is your chance to do some activism in the community.

This is the second night of our initial three week run in Redlands.

The booth will be loosely organized around an "Ask an Atheist" format to invite members of the public to engage us. The goal is to dispel stereotypes about atheists and promote discussion between Atheists and everyday people. Our presence is to help others know that Atheists are regular people and that it's OK not to believe and that there are other non-believers out there.

During the booth we'll talk with folks to answer questions about Atheism, Agnosticism and our organization. We'll also hand out flyers with lots of great information and our latest events and meeting times.

We're looking for volunteers of every level, if you want to come and just hang out that's fine, and if you want to engage with the public that's fine too. We’ll be meeting an hour early to go over tabling basics for anyone who isn’t sure what to do.

There's lots of parking by the Redlands Mall. Just look for our booth with the big Atheist signs, but if you still can't find us call Greg at (951) Three one eight - two six two eight.

Remember to bring a chair, drinks and snacks!

Here's a sample of some of the questions and answers we'll deal with:

Q: Don't atheists have basically empty, meaningless lives since they don't believe that there’s any higher power out there?

A: Nope. We don't think that the world is an empty, meaningless place, even though we don't think a god designed it. We think the world is a fascinating, wonderful, interesting place, and we enjoy living in it. Now, you may think that it's impossible to "really" enjoy this world without believing of God as the designer. We don't feel that way.

Q: What do you think happens to you when you die?

A: Just in case there are any misconceptions about this, most serious atheists don't believe in reincarnation or spirits any more than we believe in hell. What defines "you" is what you think and feel, and how you interact with the universe. When this interaction ceases, you're not you anymore. So you simply stop existing.

Q: How can anyone possibly be moral without believing in God?

A: Pretty much the same way that anyone else can be moral – by considering their actions, weighing the consequences and deciding whether they’re doing more harm than good to themselves and other people.

Q: What's the difference between an atheist and an agnostic?

A: Atheism is merely the absence of belief in any gods. Agnosticism is not about belief in god but about knowledge — it was coined originally to describe the position of a person who could not claim to know for sure if any gods exist or not.

Q: Is Atheism just another religion?

A: No. Religions appeal to a supernatural realm controlled in most cases by a god or gods. Atheists have no written revelations, no god or gods and do not accept the existence of a supernatural realm or a creative super-being, as no evidence demands that they do. Atheism is therefore a rational evaluation of nature, whilst religions result from imaginative guessing.

Q: Do you hate God?

A: Nope. We don't hate Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy or Darth Vader either. Remember, atheists do not believe God exists. The way we see it, hating a nonexistent being would be as great a waste of time as worshiping one.

Q: Wow, this is really cool, how can I help out?

A: By joining up with the IEAA! Check us out online at or stop by one of our upcoming meetings listed on this flyer!