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Louis Robidoux Library

5840 Mission Boulevard · Jurupa Valley, CA

How to find us

We are in the separate "community room". Look for the open door before you enter the library.

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NOTE: Lunch will NOT be served but we will meet directly after this event at a local restaurant, Sizzler for early dinner and discussion.

Join us as our friend and member, Eric Ozols speaks about, "Exposing and Responding to Moral Arguments." Look for more of his work at "Atheist U" on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Find him our IEAA Atheists YouTube channel at You may also catch him speaking to other Southern California groups.

Eric Ozols is on a mission to provide easily accessible responses to common religious apologetics.

He has been in atheist activism for 12 years as an autodidact in multiple related disciplines such as philosophy, science, epistemology, history, psychology, and propositional logic.

Eric has participated in numerous public debates and administered workshops within the field of counter-apologetics.

The sole proprietor of ‘Atheist U’ social media group focusing on exposing the errors/tactics of religious apologists and suggesting respectful ways to address the concept while treating the person holding the idea with dignity.

"Exposing and responding to moral arguments"

Atheist activist Eric Ozols walks through common moral arguments made by religious apologists, offers his suggested ways of responding in simple and easy to recall replies. The focus is on understanding the topic on a general level and learning effective methods of conversing with people in a polite and dignified tone.

The moral argument is a powerful conceptual tool used by apologists to insulate their congregations from objectively scrutinizing their ideas. Eric methodically works through the key elements which most often lead people to get confused when thinking about this line of argumentation. The intent is learning common pratfalls and how to avoid them while providing successful responses to help people see the errors they’ve made
As newly affiliated with the American Humanist Association, the IEAAH seeks to help achieve the goodness and fullness of life by gathering and sharing in fellowship, community organization, prioritizing our engagement with the larger world and galvanizing the humanist outlook as a voting block for our like-minded members.

$5.00 Entry and includes bottled water.
Kids are not charged for entry and are warmly welcomed to attend.

On the second Sundays of the month and for our main, monthly meeting, we hold our speakers’ series program, “Skipping Church – Members Speak”. Come at 1:30 PM and help set-up and make new friends. There will be a social time beginning at 1:30 PM, and then a short program that presents our values, our events as well as a five-minute video of general interest/education often pertaining to the separation of church and state. Next, one of our own members speaks for about 40-45 minutes on their choice of a subject then followed up by 15 minutes or more of Q&A. Mingling with your community has been proven to enhance your sense of well-being so please come and join us.

Our group will provide an accepting community where you can feel comfortable no matter your race, creed and sexual orientation as well as you being an important and appreciated part. Find a place and purpose to volunteer. Join in with your friends and community as we become more engaged in spreading our values throughout our larger community. Keep your heart happy and full.

Kids may stay in the adjoining room right next to us and entertain themselves or sit with you and you can still hear and participate in the lecture and discussion. Come early at 1 PM when the library opens and check them out some books. Tell your friends with kids they are more than welcome to come. We love to see your kids! Contact me for more information.